Cy Green JAZZ LIST - The Best in Recorded Jazz

The Greatest Jazz Musicians (1935-1990)

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Reply Marlin Dahl/ BOSTON
1:04 PM on January 25, 2013 

Crazy site here. Great to see you promoting ENTIRE LP's!! Really enjoyed the original background music.

Reply Austin Casey
7:19 AM on September 19, 2012 

Jackie Z says...
Am trying find people who know/knew Jimmie Holmes. "Bye,Bye Blackbird" was hislate night closing song. He recorded with one of the "Ink Spots" in the 50s....????

Jimmy Holmes passed away in 1995 in Brooklyn NY. I have some info on him I plan on making a Wikipedia article for him soon. 

Reply L-Love
7:56 AM on September 3, 2012 

I as an independent artist and record label owner love the fact that artists like yourself are still doing shows and selling "physical" cds in this digital age. Keep up the great work.

Reply joey zigotore
2:16 PM on July 3, 2012 

A NEW Clifford Brown song ...

                           that should be something to hear after all these years.

Reply Jake Marley
11:37 AM on December 28, 2011 

BRAVO! Beautiful site and glad to donate.

Reply svnikkijamesj3
5:51 PM on June 16, 2011 
Awesome website by Pat Berley
Reply jim brown
11:39 AM on May 13, 2011 

Hi Cy:

Heard your song "My Joanne" (BEAUTIFUL!), on another site.

Suggested Singers: GREGORY PORTER (Brooklyn) & KENNY WASHINGTON (San Fran)

Hope you place it,                                                                                                                                                                       jim brown, washington,dc

Reply paul kopulos
1:32 PM on January 29, 2011 

Don't let your spirit weaken. You have good ideas here. I hope they work out.

The "young lions" of 30 years ago started out with a bang, but soon fizzled into

complacency without adding much to praise. I'd like to see a new group enter

the scene, and blow Rap into oblivion! But, this will never happen, because it's

still about shake your ass and words to keep the mindless interested.

NICE background cuts!!

Reply Kenneth P Ward
4:43 PM on December 14, 2010 


Reply Peter Bouliane
10:45 PM on November 27, 2010 

what is the tune that is playing on your site ?

Reply Dom Durante
5:58 PM on September 1, 2010 

This world could always use some good NEW JAZZ TUNES. It sounds to me like

you've been through a lot, and have the perserverence to succeed.

Reply Charles P.Stafford
6:14 PM on August 29, 2010 



It's really hard to compare the artists of today with the GIANTS of yesterday.

Your comments on this site make it quite clear, and I commend you on your work.

Reply abe eapen
1:41 PM on May 29, 2010 

my niece's father likes classic jazz. please send me a list of musicians in classic jazz.  thank you.

abe eapen

Reply Mark Feignold
12:05 PM on May 26, 2010 

I  recently sent you a check.  Did you get it?

Reply Zonabee
6:52 PM on May 25, 2010 

NICE SOUNDS MAN, somebody got to teach the young and dumb set and good luck with your music also.

Reply Frank Tworek
11:35 AM on March 11, 2010 

Hi Cy,

Great work here. Keep it up.

Reply babsy
2:48 PM on February 13, 2010 

  • K  O  O  L !


Reply Patsy Venerucci
9:48 PM on December 20, 2009 

I'm looking for an Office Exchange X-Mas gift. The person I picked likes Modern Jazz and I'd like to get him a CD, but I don't know by what artist, can you help?

Reply Al Morris
6:02 PM on December 9, 2009 

It's still CHARLIE 'BIRD PARKER as greatest jazzman ever.

Reply joey r
9:45 AM on September 20, 2009 

I vote for Sonny Rollins. He is a giant of the tenor saxophone. This place is really a site for sore eyes ... great work.

Reply Very nice site!
9:55 AM on September 17, 2009 
Very nice site!
Reply Bradley Starks
2:54 PM on September 10, 2009 


Best living musician for me would be DAVE DOUGLAS. I just love trumpet.

Reply Emma Omogbe Odia
4:20 PM on August 23, 2009 

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We belive the best way to reach any nation is through the childen.

We also believe that it is better to train a child in Gods way than to repair an adult.

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Reply rupert
9:44 PM on August 9, 2009 

have anyonne have the album,,,PRESENTING KENNY GRANHAM,,,PLEASE

Reply Mike Long
7:23 PM on August 9, 2009 

The bit about SMOKING on your artists page is really great.

Reply Adolph Schmidt
7:39 PM on June 28, 2009 

Hi from Germany .... I always go to see the American musicians when they visit MY HOMELAND. Excellent work on this site and best of luck.

Reply Barry P from New Jersey
9:20 AM on March 26, 2009 
Fantastic website here! It's still KIND OF BLUE with me as thee best LP ever.
Reply anonymous
11:35 AM on March 3, 2009 
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Reply Hi from BRAZIL!
10:41 AM on February 15, 2009 
American jazz I love. I hope my donation helps. Juan Torres
Reply James P/ Chicago
3:04 PM on February 6, 2009 
He (Barack), is off to a very shaky start, only time will tell. Great tunes, man!
Reply jazz lover
4:20 PM on January 29, 2009 
[b]Paul Desmond & Gene Ammons![/b]
Reply Al Crenna/NEW JERSEY usa
10:22 AM on January 21, 2009 
Hands down my favorite recording: PAT METHENY/WE LIVE HERE.
Reply jazzman 19
11:16 AM on January 5, 2009 
Kind of Blue!
Reply Hi from New Zealand
2:09 PM on December 27, 2008 
"Contemporary Concepts" This is great STAN KENTON from 1956! Do young people even know who he was???? You have one great website!!!!!!!
Reply Tommy Walsh
7:02 PM on November 22, 2008 
Played some piano when I was younger, but never stuck with it. I'd have to say "Oscar Peterson at Stratford Festival" with Herb Ellis and Ray Brown is my favorite record. All the best -
Reply comment from the Netherlands
12:10 PM on November 8, 2008 
This is a BEAUTIFUL website full of great information and views.
Reply Roberto from Spain
9:13 AM on October 29, 2008 
Tony Bennett and Bill Evans TOGETHER a magnicifent encounter.
Reply Lem Spitzer
8:07 PM on October 12, 2008 
Looking forward to hearing some of your vocals. Donation on the way.
Reply Sal Epstein/ THE BRONX
4:25 PM on September 17, 2008 
GREAT SITE!! You have a tough road to climb seeing how not many people really appreciate Jazz. I do wish you guys the best of luck and hope you accomplish what you are doing here on this site.
Reply Barbara
12:44 PM on September 4, 2008 
HI JAMES! You should do more to promote your CD. I realize it's terrifically hard with all the competition to get noticed. And not being a musician makes it even tougher. Your words on "Clifford's Chant" are outstanding!!
Reply Daniel T Browning
12:19 PM on August 10, 2008 
Sweet sounds and great info here. Just sent a check for List $2. Look forward to getting it.
Reply Russ Lomax
4:53 PM on July 28, 2008 
Good work. Best of Luck.
Reply Rudy T / Urbana, IL
1:43 PM on June 13, 2008 
Ahh.... a jazz site that doesn't fit the corporate world .... this is nice and also WITH VALID INFORMATION. Love the picture of BIRD.