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Think of ALL the songs he never got to do! 




This trumpet phenom was killed in a car crash June 26, 1956.


               But he'll always be in our heart!





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                CLIFFORD'S CHANT   Lyric by Cy Green


Way back long ago lived a young man with a heart of gold

 and he could blow his golden horn like no one had done



Now the man could fly His gorgeous horn could

touch the sky He would just stop the heavens above

with his beauty and his love.


And oh why do the great ones just die

gimme a good reason they got too much 'ta say

and when I get to groovin I need somethin really movin

that takes a hold of my heart always 



I can hear that sound from the man we call

sweet Clifford Brown  He was brilliant

he was new when he left us too soon!




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"CLIFFORD'S CHANT" was composed by                                         Chicago born writers Cy Green & Jimmy Miller.

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