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Cy Green & Jimmy Miller are Songwriters who do not play an instrument, and have never really studied music. They are self-taught and have come up with some damn good songs.


 What they need is a savvy guy who knows music (and has money to burn),                                    to get behind them and their music.



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LIST is in alphabetical and chronological order  ARTIST/ TITLE/  PERSONNEL/YEAR/ LABEL






    After LESTER YOUNG ...

   The swingin'est tenor player of them all.           


 1,500 Alphabetical Listings. (1935-1990)




   from      PEPPER ADAMS    to      DENNY ZEITLAND



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 ... and "Straight Ahead" from the 70's and 80's.



                                       1972                                                                1976                           




                                     1985                                                1987





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                        The PREZ  (1909-1959)





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 Saint COLTRANE (1926-1967)

 He left a staggering body of work in such a short time.






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EARS ...


 You are going to have to take our word that this is great stuff and the SIDEMEN are INCREDIBLE! - PLEASE: No criticisms of not identifying their instruments or not giving "CUT TITLES." You will know all that when you get the CD or Vinyl LP.

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You will HEAR what we preach - GREAT JAZZ.

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                                                  "Little Jazz" was HOT STUFF!






 The Master Storyteller ... 


The most prolific singer America ever produced.

He has more difinitive versions of songs than

any singer ever. 

     There was only one FRANK!

The musicians' singer who always gave credit to the SONGWRITER.

All his jazz related LP's are listed.









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JULIAN 'Cannonball' ADDERLY, Alto Sax  (1928-1975)
SOMETHIN' ELSE w/ Miles Davis.... (1958)
Hank Jones/ Sam Jones/ Art Blakey ... BLUE NOTE

ART BLAKEY, Drums (1919-1990)                                                                                    STRAGHT AHEAD(1981)                                                                                                                                          Wynton Marsalis/ Bobby Watson/ Bill Pierce/ James Williams ... CONCORD 

DUKE ELLINGTON, Big Band (1899-1974)
Cat Anderson/ Cootie Williams/ Johnny Hodges/ Paul Gonsalves/ Lawrence Brown ... RCA/BLUEBIRD

DIZZY GILLESPIE, Trumpet (1917-1993)
Leo Wright/ Lalo Schfrin/ Bob Cunningham/ Chuck Lampkin ... VERVE       Live!
JOE HENDERSON, Tenor Sax (1937-

INNER URGE (1964) ....    McCoy Tyner/ Bob Cranshaw/ Elvin Jones ... BLUE NOTE

THELONIOUS MONK, Piano (1917-1982)                                                                         MONK'S MUSIC ... (1957)  Coleman Hawkins/John Coltrane/Ray Copeland/W.Ware/A.Blakey ...  OJC

GERRY MULLIGAN, Baritone Sax (1926-1996)                                                                       NIGHT LIGHTS ...(1963)   w/ JIM HALL   Art Farmer/ Bob Brookmeyer/ Bill Crow/ Dave Bailey PHILLIPS                                                                               

OLIVER NELSON, Tenor Sax (1932-1975)                                                                         FANTABULOUS ... (1964)                                                                                                                                              Phil Woods/Jerome Richardson/Art Hoyle/Tony Studd/Patti Brown/Ben Tucker/G.Tate .. ARGO

CHARLIE PARKER, Alto Sax (1920-1955)                                                                            BIRD ' n DIZ ...  (1950)   Dizzy Gillespie/Thelonious Monk/Curly Russell/Buddy Rich ... VERVE

SONNY ROLLINS, Tenor Sax (1930                                                                                      THE  BRIDGE w/JIM HALL... (1961)  Bob Cranshaw/ Ben Riley ... RCA

JIMMY SMITH, Organ (1925-2005)

THE SERMON ... (1958)
Lee Morgan/ Curtis Fuller/ Lou Donaldson/ Kenny Burrell/ Art Blakey ... BLUE NOTE

GERALD WILSON, Big Band (1918
MOMENT OF TRUTH .... (1962)
Carmell Jones/ Joe Maini/ Bud Shank/ Teddy Edwards/ Joe Pass/ Jimmy Bond/ Mel Lewis ...            PACIFIC JAZZ

PHIL WOODS, Alto Sax (1931
MUSIQUE DU BOIS .... (1974)
Jackie Byard/ Richard Davis/ Alan Dawson ... MUSE

Barney Kessel/ Ray Brown/ JC Heard ...  VERVE



  over 1,500 more GREAT suggestions

  on our LIST! 








    Jazz Festivals are separated and VOCALS are on a separate list.






      1956 GEM ... The overlooked MASTERPIECE!









 Remember ...


                       This LIST is for a cause to record vocal versions of

                             CY GREEN & JIMMY MILLER'S works.












Duke Ellington


        Charlie Parker






Some Essential, Some Definitive and ALL Solid Listening.








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